cyPat Steam ID

Steam Collection Value$1,015.46
Pile of Shame Value$667.58
Best Value GameSoccer Online: Ball 3D
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steamID: STEAM_0:1:24518
steamID3: [U:1:49037]
steamID64 (Dec): 76561197960314765
steamID64 (Hex): 11000010000bf8d
profile state Private
profile created September 12th, 2003
name cyPat
real name Leon
location Germany

Last update November 30, 2022

cyPat Pile of Shame

There are 189 unplayed games in cyPat's Pile of Shame.

They've only played 39% of the games in their collection.

Pile of shame value $667.58
Enough to buy 1 Steam DeckLine art of a Steam Deck
NameGame Cost
Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord GOLD header image Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord GOLD $24.99
The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game header image The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game $19.99
Tomb Raider header image Tomb Raider $14.99
Trivia Vault: Mixed Trivia 2 header image Trivia Vault: Mixed Trivia 2 $14.99
7-in-1 Brain Sharpness Bundle header image 7-in-1 Brain Sharpness Bundle $12.99
Hiveswap Friendsim header image Hiveswap Friendsim $12.99
Stellar Interface header image Stellar Interface $12.99
Neon Space header image Neon Space $10.99
Don Don't open the doors! $10.99
Slash It 2 header image Slash It 2 $10.99
Z Runaway header image Z Runaway $9.99
Trivia Vault: Literature Trivia header image Trivia Vault: Literature Trivia $9.99
Trivia Vault: Hockey Trivia header image Trivia Vault: Hockey Trivia $9.99
Paladin Duty - Knights and Blades header image Paladin Duty - Knights and Blades $9.99
Trivia Vault Olympics Trivia header image Trivia Vault Olympics Trivia $9.99
Find this! header image Find this! $9.99
Wordle header image Wordle $9.99
Half-Life header image Half-Life $9.99
Gray Cat header image Gray Cat $7.99
Diabolic header image Diabolic $7.99
Fantasy Versus header image Fantasy Versus $6.99
Knightin Knightin'+ $5.99
Crown of the Empire header image Crown of the Empire $4.99
Mahjong Magic Journey 3 header image Mahjong Magic Journey 3 $4.99
Gunspell - Steam Edition header image Gunspell - Steam Edition $4.99
1001 Jigsaw World Tour Africa header image 1001 Jigsaw World Tour Africa $4.99
1001 Jigsaw. Earth Chronicles header image 1001 Jigsaw. Earth Chronicles $4.99
Infecto header image Infecto $4.99
Mystery Solitaire Grimm Mystery Solitaire Grimm's Tales $4.99
OneShift header image OneShift $4.99
Reignfall header image Reignfall $4.99
Mysteries of the Undead header image Mysteries of the Undead $4.99
Half-Life: Blue Shift header image Half-Life: Blue Shift $4.99
Catch a Duck header image Catch a Duck $4.99
Submarine Titans header image Submarine Titans $4.99
Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy header image Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy $4.99
Sakura Day 2 Mahjong header image Sakura Day 2 Mahjong $4.99
Mahjong World Contest 2 header image Mahjong World Contest 2 $4.99
Picross Beach Paradise header image Picross Beach Paradise $4.99
VOLTED header image VOLTED $4.99
Legendary header image Legendary $4.99
Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic header image Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic $4.99
Nicolas Eymerich - The Inquisitor - Book 1 : The Plague header image Nicolas Eymerich - The Inquisitor - Book 1 : The Plague $4.99
Night Lights header image Night Lights $4.99
Royal Roads header image Royal Roads $4.99
Deathmatch Classic header image Deathmatch Classic $4.99
Where are My Pipes? header image Where are My Pipes? $4.99
Solitaire Legend of the Pirates header image Solitaire Legend of the Pirates $4.99
Picross Fairytale: Legend of the Mermaid header image Picross Fairytale: Legend of the Mermaid $4.99
Magic Griddlers header image Magic Griddlers $4.99
Barro 2020 header image Barro 2020 $3.99
Barro Racing header image Barro Racing $3.99
Ninja Stealth 3 header image Ninja Stealth 3 $3.99
Barro header image Barro $3.99
Quell Memento header image Quell Memento $3.99
SiNKR 2 header image SiNKR 2 $3.99
Hard Place header image Hard Place $3.99
Super Bit Blaster XL header image Super Bit Blaster XL $3.99
One Bit Arena header image One Bit Arena $3.99
Freedom Fighter header image Freedom Fighter $3.99
Drunken Fight Simulator header image Drunken Fight Simulator $3.99
NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics header image NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics $3.99
Qvabllock header image Qvabllock $3.99
Lamp Head header image Lamp Head $3.99
Through the Mirror header image Through the Mirror $3.99
SpellKeeper header image SpellKeeper $3.99
Battle Ram header image Battle Ram $3.99
Ceville header image Ceville $3.99
Massive Cleavage vs Zombies: Awesome Edition header image Massive Cleavage vs Zombies: Awesome Edition $2.99
JQ: chemistry header image JQ: chemistry $2.99
Yuzi Lims: anime runner header image Yuzi Lims: anime runner $2.99
Litil Divil header image Litil Divil $2.99
Iron Storm header image Iron Storm $2.99
Muse Dash header image Muse Dash $2.99
Les Misérables: Cosette Les Misérables: Cosette's Fate $2.99
JQ: dogs & cats header image JQ: dogs & cats $2.99
Save Your Mother header image Save Your Mother $2.99
JQ: countries header image JQ: countries $2.99
Space Empires II header image Space Empires II $2.99
Les Misérables: Jean Valjean header image Les Misérables: Jean Valjean $2.99
Bit-Boom header image Bit-Boom $2.99
Indecision. header image Indecision. $2.99
MegaRace 3 header image MegaRace 3 $2.99
Defend Your Crypt header image Defend Your Crypt $2.99
aMAZE ZER0 header image aMAZE ZER0 $1.99
Snake Classic header image Snake Classic $1.99
Run, my little pixel header image Run, my little pixel $1.99
!AnyWay! header image !AnyWay! $1.99
En Tactico header image En Tactico $1.99
Around the World in 80 Days header image Around the World in 80 Days $1.99
aMAZE header image aMAZE $1.99
The m0rg VS keys header image The m0rg VS keys $1.99
Fix Me Up Doc! – Dark Humor header image Fix Me Up Doc! – Dark Humor $1.99
aMAZE Classic header image aMAZE Classic $1.99
Sudoku Killer / 杀手数独 header image Sudoku Killer / 杀手数独 $1.99
Starship Annihilator header image Starship Annihilator $1.99
Season Up header image Season Up $1.99
Vampires! header image Vampires! $1.99
Shootout on Cash Island header image Shootout on Cash Island $1.99
Blake and Mortimer: The Curse of the Thirty Denarii header image Blake and Mortimer: The Curse of the Thirty Denarii $1.99
ILLUSION header image ILLUSION $1.99
Gopnik Simulator header image Gopnik Simulator $1.99
Bitcoin VS Brain header image Bitcoin VS Brain $1.99
aMAZE Dark Times header image aMAZE Dark Times $1.99
Aladin & the Enchanted Lamp header image Aladin & the Enchanted Lamp $1.99
Alice - Behind the Mirror header image Alice - Behind the Mirror $1.99
Red Riding Hood - Star Crossed Lovers header image Red Riding Hood - Star Crossed Lovers $1.99
aMAZE Gears header image aMAZE Gears $1.99
NALOGI 2 header image NALOGI 2 $1.99
City Builder header image City Builder $1.99
Your Bunny Wrote header image Your Bunny Wrote $1.99
Sudoku Jigsaw / 拼图数独 header image Sudoku Jigsaw / 拼图数独 $1.99
Not without my donuts header image Not without my donuts $1.99
Space Escape! header image Space Escape! $1.99
Cowboy Cowboy's Adventure $1.99
Wild Island Quest header image Wild Island Quest $1.99
Gym Simulator header image Gym Simulator $1.99
Chocolate makes you happy 3 header image Chocolate makes you happy 3 $1.99
Squeakers header image Squeakers $1.99
The Last of Waifus header image The Last of Waifus $1.99
Piggy Poggy Pog header image Piggy Poggy Pog $1.99
Space Empires I header image Space Empires I $1.99
Alice in Wonderland - Hidden Objects header image Alice in Wonderland - Hidden Objects $1.99
Psi Cards header image Psi Cards $1.99
Will Glow the Wisp header image Will Glow the Wisp $1.99
20.000 Leagues Under The Sea - Captain Nemo header image 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea - Captain Nemo $1.99
The Three Musketeers - D The Three Musketeers - D'Artagnan & the 12 Jewels $1.99
aMAZE Frozen header image aMAZE Frozen $1.99
Fluffy Friends header image Fluffy Friends $1.99
Bitcoin Trader header image Bitcoin Trader $1.99
Alchemia header image Alchemia $1.99
Chocolate makes you happy 5 header image Chocolate makes you happy 5 $1.99
Chocolate makes you happy 4 header image Chocolate makes you happy 4 $1.99
Geometry Rush header image Geometry Rush $0.99
mr.President Prologue Episode header image mr.President Prologue Episode $0.99
SALVATOR header image SALVATOR $0.99
TTV2 header image TTV2 $0.99
PLATI NALOG: Favorite Russian Game header image PLATI NALOG: Favorite Russian Game $0.99
Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition header image Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition $0.99
UBERMOSH Vol.3 header image UBERMOSH Vol.3 $0.99
Redemption: Saints And Sinners header image Redemption: Saints And Sinners $0.99
GravNewton header image GravNewton $0.99
My Car header image My Car $0.99
Kandidatos Kart header image Kandidatos Kart $0.99
Pixelord header image Pixelord $0.99
Zen Chess: Mate in One header image Zen Chess: Mate in One $0.99
Babycar Driver header image Babycar Driver $0.99
Space Hit header image Space Hit $0.99
Oik Memory 2 header image Oik Memory 2 $0.99
Ballz: Farm header image Ballz: Farm $0.99
Defense the Farm header image Defense the Farm $0.99
Fidget Spinner Editor header image Fidget Spinner Editor $0.99
Darkness Assault header image Darkness Assault $0.99
Toilet Simulator 2020 header image Toilet Simulator 2020 $0.99
Riaaf The Spider header image Riaaf The Spider $0.99
Galactic Battles header image Galactic Battles $0.99
Choppa header image Choppa $0.99
Bighead Runner header image Bighead Runner $0.99
EZ4u header image EZ4u $0.99
VITATIO 2 header image VITATIO 2 $0.99
Expelled header image Expelled $0.99
Milky Way Map header image Milky Way Map $0.99
Red Lake header image Red Lake $0.99
WEED header image WEED $0.99
Thunderbolt 2 header image Thunderbolt 2 $0.99
Achievement Clicker 2018 header image Achievement Clicker 2018 $0.99
That That's Mahjong! $0.99
Volt header image Volt $0.99
Frank the Miner header image Frank the Miner $0.99
Achievement Smiles header image Achievement Smiles $0.99
Kandidatos header image Kandidatos $0.99
Kuro survival header image Kuro survival $0.99
Weable 2 header image Weable 2 $0.99
Clickdraw Clicker header image Clickdraw Clicker $0.99
Wisdom of War header image Wisdom of War $0.90
Super Hipster Lumberjack header image Super Hipster Lumberjack $0.50
Mini World: Block Art header image Mini World: Block Art $0.50
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch header image Half-Life 2: Deathmatch $0.50
Aperture Hand Lab header image Aperture Hand Lab $0.50
Limit of defense header image Limit of defense $0.50
Realm Royale Reforged header image Realm Royale Reforged $0.50
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cyPat Best Value Games

GameHoursCost Per Hour
Planes, Bullets and VodkaPlanes, Bullets and Vodka347$0.00
House of DetentionHouse of Detention348$0.00
Soccer Online: Ball 3DSoccer Online: Ball 3D350$0.00
Consummate:Missing World 寇莎梅特:困世迷情Consummate:Missing World 寇莎梅特:困世迷情349$0.00
Mind SpheresMind Spheres347$0.00
Leap Up no jutsuLeap Up no jutsu348$0.00
Drop Hunt - Adventure PuzzleDrop Hunt - Adventure Puzzle349$0.00

cyPat Steam Friends list

Warok STEAM_0:1:4866 1623 days
tobi STEAM_0:0:21817 1221 days
xpy^ STEAM_0:1:34793 1615 days
RandomJustStuff STEAM_0:1:46837 2344 days
[BZ].¸¸.·´¯`·»-meta- STEAM_0:1:196796 0539 days
C H A R L I E L I E L I E L I E STEAM_0:0:486294 0249 days
sunr!se STEAM_0:0:695769 0506 days
♠♩ 𝓅𝒶𝓁𝓂𝐸~~~ ♢💋 STEAM_0:0:927012 0486 days
Das Ente STEAM_0:0:1390287 0539 days
flq STEAM_0:1:1848441 1607 days
Jasperov STEAM_0:0:1903688 1079 days
wurmsoN STEAM_0:0:2444957 1585 days
Gnoki STEAM_0:0:2525830 0484 days
tuete STEAM_0:1:3206749 1943 days
[L]yssar+. STEAM_0:0:6670751 1628 days
Rufiho! STEAM_0:0:8693332 0483 days
Sendit STEAM_0:0:9916360 1228 days
KORNY R. STEAM_0:0:10109448 1208 days
starnii STEAM_0:0:10603267 1171 days
pietze STEAM_0:1:11550699 0249 days
FmZ STEAM_0:1:11884953 1162 days

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cyPat Calculator

Total value of Steam game collection today: $1015.46 USD.
Total number of Steam games owned: 311.
Total playtime: 16355 hours.
The best value for money game in this collection is Soccer Online: Ball 3D that cost only $0.00 per hour.

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